Recent posts: Audio Fundamentals

EQ and Frequency Analysis

12 June 2015

The use of the frequency spectrum is one of the most important aspects we can learn as Audio Engineers. This along with other tools like reverb, panning and the use of compression and effects, will ultimately define the sound of your mix.

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Frequency, Wavelength and Amplitude

10 June 2015

Frequency tells us how many waves are passing a point per second, the inverse of time.

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What is Sound?

8 June 2015

Sound is Kinetic energy in motion.
One full vibration cycle is known as just that, a cycle.
The frequency in which this occurs (how many cycles per second) is measured in hertz (Hz)
Sound vibrations range between 20Hz and 20Khz (or 20 000 Hz)
The low rumble of a truck is around 30Hz to 100Hz (you feel this more than hear it)
The sound of our voices are around 1000hz – 5000hz
A high pitched whistle is around 10 000hz – 15 000hz

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